Man City player Walker ‘pulls penis out’ during ‘shocking boozing session’; he ‘could face police probe’

Man City player Walker

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Man City defender Kyle Walker is said to have “pulled his penis out” during a ‘shocking boozing session’ after Saturday’s win over Newcastle United.

Walker played the full 90 minutes as

have now won four of their last five games in the Premier League and they are five points adrift of league leaders Arsenal.

Pep Guardiola’s side are not in action until this Saturday’s home game at the Etihad against Patrick Vieira’s Crystal Palace.

The City head coach stated after the win over Newcastle that he was giving his players two days off.

“Two days off at home. I don’t want to see them, they don’t want to see me.”

Walker was clearly keen to make the most of this free time. A headline from The Sun on Wednesday morning stated: ‘Married Man City star Kyle Walker filmed drunkenly flashing in bar and snogging woman during afternoon boozing session’.

His ‘shocking’ antics lasted for 90 minutes and were ‘caught on camera’. The 32-year-old ‘dirty-danced’ with a woman and her female friend ‘after he arrived drunk and boozed with male pals from 5.30pm on Sunday’. The report states several times that his wife was not present.

It is suggested that Walker ‘could face a police probe’ after ‘flashing’ in the Manchester venue. ‘He could be quizzed for indecent exposure, which if proven carries a maximum two-year jail term’.

The report from The Sun includes several images of Walker in the bar. They state: ‘Footage seen by The Sun shows the boozed-up footballer drop his tracksuit bottoms and expose himself in view of drinkers.

‘One of two women in his group shrieks and points as he laughs with a pal.

‘Minutes later the England and Manchester City defender appears to do it again, just feet away from two different women in a booth.

‘He then walks over to shake their hands and say hello.

A source has told The Sun that Walker’s actions were “deeply concerning”.

“The video footage is really disturbing,” a source told The Sun.

“The woman Walker is with is not his wife but he reaches round and paws at her breasts.

“You wonder if it can get worse then he pulls out his penis in full view of the bar and the women he is with. It’s deeply concerning.”

Walker and the group he was with ‘set off to leave in the minibus shortly before 7pm’. The England international ‘was called back to pay the £250 bill and a barman stood with a card machine but Walker was so drunk he fumbled for his wallet’.

The report notes that Walker ‘was approached for comment’ on Tuesday night but did not respond before the article was published.


Man City player Walker ‘pulls penis out’ during ‘shocking boozing session’; he ‘could face police probe’

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