Eddie Howe speaks out on Anthony Gordon after viral Newcastle clip poses ‘bad egg’ question


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Newcastle boss Eddie Howe has insisted he has no problem with Anthony Gordon’s angry reaction to being substituted at Brentford.

The 22-year-old, who had being introduced from the bench earlier, made his feelings clear as he was replaced during last Saturday’s 2-1 win in London.

Asked if they had spoken about the incident this week, Howe said: “We’ve had a conversation. His enthusiasm, aggression, motivation levels are really, really high and he’s fiercely determined to do well and achieve, and it is one of his hallmarks, it’s one of his strengths.

“We want to embrace that, we love that about him. But in certain moments he needs a cool head as well, so it’s about trying to explain the situation, talk through it.

“I’ve got no issue with him at all. He’s trained really well this week.”

Former Liverpool striker Stan Collymore said every manager would be questioning whether is a “bad egg” and branded his outburst an “absolute disgrace”.

Collymore said: “I, like many of you, have seen the clip of Anthony Gordon clashing with Eddie Howe after he was substituted off against Brentford on Saturday.

“What on earth is he doing?!

“He [Anthony Gordon] has done absolutely nothing to warrant a big move to Newcastle.

“Let’s be real here – the only reason he got that transfer is because he’s English, had five good games in an Everton shirt and the Toffees are skint.

“For Gordon to come off the pitch and take the time to walk over to the manager and have a go at him was an absolute disgrace.

“Every manager in the world would have seen that clip and will now be wondering if Gordon is a bad egg.

“Regardless of if he spends the rest of his career at St James’ Park or not, his actions last weekend aren’t going to do his reputation any good and will certainly damage his chances of representing England in the future.

“He needs to issue a public apology as soon as possible and beg his manager for forgiveness because he just can’t do what he did and expect to come out the other side looking good.

“If he continues with this level of disrespect, Newcastle will move on from him very quickly.”

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Eddie Howe speaks out on Anthony Gordon after viral Newcastle clip poses ‘bad egg’ question

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