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Dixon claims that Marsch ‘knows what’s coming’ as Leeds boss is under huge pressure

Leeds manager Marsch

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Jesse Marsch is under huge pressure to turn things around at Leeds United and Lee Dixon believes the manager knows what’s to come.

Leeds currently find themselves on a four-game losing streak and haven’t won any of their last eight matches. As a result of their poor form, they currently find themselves in the relegation zone.

Having only picked up nine points so far, the pressure is rapidly rising on manager Marsch.

Dixon thinks that Marsch will know how tough the task at hand will be to turn the ship around at Elland Road.

He told Premier League productions: “He is no fool and knows what’s coming. He will know. All he can say now is exactly what he said ‘I am doing everything I can and working really hard’. And he will work the players hard.

“You have to be clever as well. You have got to be shrewd and work out a way. It’s easier for us to be critical sitting here. But he’s going out on the training field, from Monday-Friday, trying to work a way to get results.

“The way they are playing, at the moment, with his high press and it’s not joined. None of them are holding the piece of rope. They have all let the piece of rope go.

“How many times did we see in breakaways with nobody in Leeds’ defensive half? They pushed up so high, from set-pieces, and people were just running through on goal.”

Marsch’s side have only won two matches so far this season and relegation is a real possibility.

If they continue to average 0.81 points per game, they will end the season with just 31 points. For context, that points tally would have seen them relegated last season in 18th place.

Following their 2-3 loss to Fulham at the weekend, Marsch commented on the current situation explaining: “It’s difficult to explain why we can’t capitalise and we give certain things away, but I’m not finger-pointing, I’m looking directly at myself.

“I’m taking responsibility. I’m trying to push them to understand how to get better and we have to demand that now for the next game.

“We have to do everything we can again to try to figure out how to get the win.

Marsch will be well aware that he needs to start picking up results soon. Next up for Leeds is an away trip to Anfield to face a Liverpool side who haven’t lost at home this season.

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Dixon claims that Marsch ‘knows what’s coming’ as Leeds boss is under huge pressure

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