Carragher reveals Man City ‘paranoia’ as Liverpool legend denied interview for ‘wearing red pom poms’

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Jamie Carragher wishes Manchester City would ‘revel’ in their riches rather than be so ‘defensive’ about it and recalled a specific example of the club’s ‘paranoia’.

This week City allegedly accused Jurgen Klopp of ‘borderline xenophobia‘ when the Liverpool boss spoke out on the advantage they, Newcastle and Paris Saint-Germain have over everyone else.

Carragher agrees with the Reds manager, and doesn’t understand why clasims (the fact) that Manchester City have bought their success is so ‘contoversial’.

In his column for The Telegraph, Carragher wrote: ‘I have written on many occasions that money is no guarantee of success. Manchester United are proof of that since Sir Alex Ferguson retired. But it is guaranteed you will not be successful without lots of money, and the more you have the better your chances. Is that really a controversial statement?

‘Despite regular jibes about Chelsea’s rubles, there was never a feeling that their players, fans or executives gave a damn. Quite the opposite. Chelsea stood tall, broadened their shoulders and basically said, “Yes. We’ve got all this money now. It’s our time. So what?”

‘I can remember Chelsea fans waving £10 notes at us, revelling in their newly acquired status. That is the natural reaction of a football supporter who – prior to then – saw no hope of winning the league title or Champions League. I feel similarly about Newcastle fans and would prefer them to follow Chelsea’s lead in cherishing their change of circumstance, not to go on the defensive about being so rich.

‘Everyone would like a life-changing sum of money. And yes, I mean life-changing because the success of the football teams in cities like Newcastle and Manchester does impact upon lives.

‘But let’s not be so foolish to believe that if Newcastle achieve the same levels of success the legitimate questions will disappear. Newcastle, like City, knew what they were signing up to and must deal with the fall-out without trying to rewrite history.’

Carragher then recounted an example of City’s “paranoia”, explaining how he was denied an interview when David Silva’s time in the Premier League was coming to an end.

He continued: ‘Since working in the media, I have experienced City’s paranoia.

‘Over the years I have used my platform on Sky Sports and in this column to show my respect for City managers and players. As recently as last week I wrote De Bruyne could be the Premier League’s greatest midfielder, and said Haaland terrifies defenders.

‘Prior to David Silva’s City departure I wrote how he was one of my favourite ever Premier League players. I wanted to interview Silva before he left English football, well aware of City’s belief that their rivals receive more favourable media coverage.

‘When told of my request, City’s response was they would grant no such interview to me because “I wear red pom poms”. Every ex-player in the media wants their team to win but no other club has reacted to me in this way.

‘It is a shame that, despite all the silverware, they have a tin ear for such compliments.’

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Carragher reveals Man City ‘paranoia’ as Liverpool legend denied interview for ‘wearing red pom poms’

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