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“The right place at the right time”


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WERDER.DE: Welcome to Bremen, Maximilian! You’ve been here at the wohninvest WESERSTADION for a couple of hours. What is your first impression of SV Werder?

Maximilian Philipp: “Werder is a fantastic and huge club. I’ve played here a couple of times before so I know the club and the fans. They’ve always been against me, so hopefully now they’re on my side (laughs).”

WERDER.DE: We’re sure of that. You were here with VfL for the game on Saturday. Did you know at the time that you were watching your future teammates in action?

Maximilian Philipp: “No, honestly I didn’t know.”

WERDER.DE: Then the game was probably no more important than any other for you. We were really pleased with our performance, but what impression did you get from the boys’ performance?

Maximilian Philipp: “It was definitely a really positive impression, but it wasn’t the first time Werder have impressed me this season. They’re playing some great football and have a great team and coach. I’m looking forward to getting to know everything.”

It’s important for me to be in a relaxed environment; I’m a relaxed person.

Maximilian Philipp

WERDER.DE: According to the media, Werder weren’t your only option, especially as you’re a Berlin native. What made you decide to come to SVW?

Maximilian Philipp: “Werder’s style of football is a better fit for me. I think it’s important to be in a relaxed environment; I’m a relaxed person. On a personal note, I’m hoping to get more playing time here. There’s a lot of competition for places and I’ll have to break into the team. ”

WERDER.DE: You haven’t managed that recently in Wolfsburg.

Maximilian Philipp: “If I’m being honest, I’m a player who needs trust in me. A player needs moments of success and I haven’t had any of that in the past half a year. That affects your self confidence. Of course I imagined things going differently, but I’m looking for the errors in my game and I’m trying to get back to my old strengths.”

WERDER.DE: You once said in an interview that you briefly considered retirement during your time in Moscow, but right know you seem really excited about your new challenge. Is that a deception?

Maximilian Philipp: “Definitely not. There were a lot of factors at play back then, such as the distance from home, my lack of playing time and the pandemic. I still enjoy playing football and do everything I can to be back on the pitch. My enjoyment of the game is why I am a footballer.”

WERDER.DE: Until know, we know you only as an opposition player. We remember you as a very versatile attacker. What kind of player would you say you are?

Maximilian Philipp: “I’m a very direct attacker who likes to get in on goal and I have a good shot. I also think I have a good vision of the game. Of course I have my weaknesses, but also a lot of strengths that suit the team and I can use to help them.”

If everything comes together, I can give something back.

Maximilian Philipp

WERDER.DE: Across all your clubs in the Bundesliga, you’ve shown that you can be a good addition to the team. What do you need to be able to make an impact at a new club?

Maximilian Philipp: “I have to feel comfortable within the club. That’s something that’s quite easy to achieve because I’m an adaptable person. Hanging out with me isn’t too bad – I don’t think (laughs). But what’s really important is the trust in me. If everything comes together, I can also give something back.”

WERDER.DE: And that will be the case at Werder because…

Maximilian Philipp: “… I’m in the right place at the right time.”

WERDER.DE: We’re glad to have you here, Maximilian! Thank you for your time.

It’s important for me to be in a relaxed environment; I’m a relaxed person.

Maximilian Philipp

“The right place at the right time”

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