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“Scored at the right moments”


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Head coach Ole Werner: “We delivered a strong performance on the road today. In the first 20 minutes, we didn’t really have the confidence to attempt to play passes forward to find our targets. Afterwards, we did well to not allow many chances and looked in control. We could have been a little more clinical in the final third, in order to convert some of our counterattacks. Overall, it was a very good performance from the team.”

Marvin Ducksch: “The win feels great. We knew that the details would make the differences, as would winning tackles. We had some issues on the counter, and they did well there. We had a strong momentum going after 15 minutes and they had few chances from then on. We managed to score our goals at the right moments.”

Jens Stage: “It’s been a very special week for me. Earlier this week, my wife gave birth to our son and then today I scored. I’m very happy. Everyone left it all out on the pitch today. The first 20 minutes were tough and we began to dominate from that point onwards. We saw today what our team is capable of achieving when we’re all giving it 100%.”

Niclas Füllkrug: “The first 15 minutes were tough because Stuttgart’s formation created several issues for us. We needed a moment to adjust to that. From then on, we were fully in control. Unfortunately we had some slip-ups at the back when we had the ball, so we need to take a critical look at them and correct those. Other than that, we managed to win tackles and defend well against their crosses at the back. We were able to keep possession in attack, even in the first half. We were waiting for the goal to come, and in the end it was Jens and Duckschi who were rewarded. That winning feeling feels great!”

“Scored at the right moments”
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