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“It could have gone either way”

Jens Stage with the ball at his feet

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Head coach Ole Werner: “There were good and bad phases in the match. The bottom line is that there was too little to pose problems for a team like Dortmund or to make sure that they don’t take all three points. We didn’t get off to a good start in the first half, but then got into it, defended well and allowed little chances. We also had a few moments where we could have scored ourselves, but also many situations where we needed to play better after winning the ball. In the second half, we started similarly badly, but again got better. Then we conceded an unnecessary and avoidable goal. We can close the ball down much earlier. That turned the game on its side, because Dortmund then had space. We also didn’t manage to have very clear possession, which lead to only a couple of chances.”

Miloš Veljković: “In the first half we were equal, if we had taken one of our chances it would have been a different game. We played well with the ball, which is the best defence. In the second half we were a bit too careless. We will come back against Frankfurt and give everything to pick up three points.”

Jens Stage: “In the first half it was an even game against a very strong opponent. It could have gone either way. In the second half, Dortmund came out a bit stronger and scored the goal. It is then difficult to come back against an opposition like them.”

Maximilian Philipp: “It was fun to play for Werder for the first time. Althought I wasn’t on the pitch for long, I was very pleased, even thought the result wasn’t so good. We kept the game open for a long time, the first half was even. It is very difficult to come back from a deficit against a team like that, who are so brutal on the counter. We gave everything and tried to score a goal, but it wasn’t to be today. We don’t need to be so disappointed, we gave a good performance. We’ll continue next week.”

“It could have gone either way”

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