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Sebastian Hoeneß: “It’s a huge opportunity”


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VfB CEO Alexander Wehrle on:

… the decision to replace Bruno Labbadia with Sebastian Hoeneß.

Alexander Wehrle: “First and foremost, I’d like to welcome Sebastian Hoeneß to VfB. I’m glad we’ve been able to get him, given the difficult situation we’re in. He knows VfB, the city of Stuttgart, the region and the DNA of the club. His positive energy, conviction and passion convinced us during our talks over the weekend that we can achieve our common goal of staying in the league. At the same time, I want to thank Bruno Labbadia for his unwavering commitment to VfB, 24 hours a day. The decision was a difficult one for me personally, but it’s not about personal feelings at this stage. It’s about VfB and making decisions that are in the best interests of the club.”

VfB sporting director Fabian Wohlgemuth on:

… the timing of the change of coach.

Fabian Wohlgemuth: “If you look at the game at Union Berlin, you can tell that certain things worked well again. But the result wasn’t right and that’s why we came to this decision. The important thing is how we deal with the situation internally. Everyone involved was informed of all the steps. It was a very amicable parting in the end.”

… the approach for the upcoming games.

Fabian Wohlgemuth: “It’s about getting the players on side and turning them into scrappers and fighters who are capable of believing in themselves. They need a wake-up call and Sebastian Hoeneß is just the right person to do that.”

VfB head coach Sebastian Hoeneß on:

… being made head coach as a former VfB youth player.

Sebastian Hoeneß:I sat here before as a little boy in the stadium, celebrated, cheered on and suffered. I played here as a youth player – it was a wonderful experience. VfB are a special club for me.

… how he plans to tackle the challenge ahead.

Sebastian Hoeneß: “We don’t have much time and we’re going about our work with pragmatism. I’ve been following the team and have clear ideas. I think it’s incredibly exciting and beneficial that we’re able to get going right away. It’s a huge opportunity, as a team and as a club, to take another step towards Berlin at Nürnberg and that’s what I’ll prepare the lads for.”

… the strengths and weaknesses of the VfB squad.

Sebastian Hoeneß: “The team has potential and we have great individual quality in the squad. The important thing now is for everyone to work together to realise that potential. We have to perform as a unit in order to overcome these challenges together. As a coach, I faced VfB on four occasions with Hoffenheim and it was always tough. That’s what it’s all about – being tough – and that’s exactly what we want to achieve.”

… his style of play.

Sebastian Hoeneß: “I prefer a technical, attacking approach. That also includes courage and other basic attributes you associate with that, like passion and complete commitment.”

Sebastian Hoeneß: “It’s a huge opportunity”

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