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“We want to show what we’re capable of tomorrow”


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The Champions League is back! RBL are back in action in Europe’s premier cup competition, having won 3-0 away against VfL Wolfsburg at the weekend.

Reigning English champions Manchester City will visit the RB Arena on Wednesday night (21:00 CET) for the first leg of the round of 16.

Our head coach Marco Rose and midfielder Emil Forsberg spoke to the media before the game. We have summarised their most important quotes here.

Squad news

  • Christopher Nkunku couldn’t complete all of training today after making his comeback in the win at Wolfsburg. The club will have to wait and see if he can feature tomorrow.
When he sees the goal, it’s like he has to score no matter what.
Marco Rose on Erling Haaland


…his expectations for the first leg:

  • “I believe in my team! We want to take our chance to impress tomorrow against one of the best teams in the world. We need to be brave and stand up to them. I’ve got a lot of confidence in my lads.”
  • “Even without Dani and Christo we have a strong side and will be well prepared, especially at home with the fans behind us.”


…the plan against Manchester City:

  • “It will be important to get on the ball and not to be chasing it all night. We have to be willing to work hard and enjoy defending, closing gaps and stopping Manchester City’s play.”
  • “We need to make use of the space we have once we win the ball back and then look to threaten their goal.”


…the home crowd:

  • “Anything is possible with our fans behind us. We need to be like a team together with our fans and then we achieve big things. You can see how strong we are as a team.”

Final training before Manchester City


…Manchester City:

  • “Manchester City have a fantastic squad full of world-class players, and they have an exceptional coach too. Nonetheless, we want to go up against them tomorrow and we have players that want to play at the top too.”
  • “It will be a tough game, but we’re ready and I’m excited. We’ve managed to qualify for the knockouts and we want to take this chance to impress.”


no Kevin de Bruyne:

  • “They have plenty of world-class players, but he’s perhaps on another level. A lot goes through him, he scores goals, finds space, is athletic and works hard for the team. He shows that Manchester City are a team, not just 11 individuals. His absence will mean they will have to change something.”

Erling Haaland, who he coached in Salzburg and Dortmund:

  • “His most impressive attribute is his mentality. When he sees the goal, it’s like he has to score no matter what. He works really hard for the team and has improved his style of play and technique. He’s a world-class player.”
  • “He needed a bit of time in Salzburg to adjust his style of play to ours and how we pressed. He also had to work on his body, but we saw his quality after a few months. He’s carried on improving since Salzburg and has done everything right.”


…Christo Nkunku:

  • “Christo was only able to complete a part of training today because his muscle reacted badly after the Wolfsburg game. We knew anyway that he wouldn’t be able to start against Manchester City. We will have to see how he is tomorrow. We don’t want to take any risks and we’ve got a number of other players we can use instead.”
We’re hungry and we want more.
Emil Forsberg


…the Champions League and the game against Manchester City:

  • “The Champions League is a fantastic competition, there are always great games. I loved it as a child. Playing an opponent like this at home in the round of 16 is really exciting, it’s a chance to show what you can do.”
  • “We’re hungry and we want more. The mood in camp is positive and we’re in good form. We want to show what we’re capable of tomorrow.”


…the round of 16:

  • “Manchester City have a number of world-class players in their squad. They show every week in the Premier League how much quality they possess, but we will have our fans behind us tomorrow and will play with confidence. We want to impress and we’re ready.”


…the Champions League wins over Real Madrid and Manchester City:

  • “It’s always good to beat teams like this. It gives you confidence and helps you believe you can defeat the best sides. We know it won’t be easy tomorrow. We’re going up against one of the best teams in Europe.”


… Erling Haaland:

  • “I’d firstly like to state that I’m not a defender! Erling is a fantastic player and scores plenty of goals. He’s really strong and dangerous on the ball in the penalty area. It’s tough to completely take him out of the game, as you can see every week in the Premier League.”

All you need to know before tomorrow

The two teams head-to-head

RB Leipzig against English sides

“We want to show what we’re capable of tomorrow”
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