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“It’s a setback for us”


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Marco Rose, Willi Orban and Benjamin Henrichs give their thought’s on RB Leipzig’s defeat against Bayer Leverkusen.

Match report: Leverkusen 2-0 RB Leipzig

Marco Rose:

  • “The team put a lot into the game and were the much more dominant side, but Leverkusen are the ones going home with the points and that is really disappointing. That’s another of a number of games this season that we simply shouldn’t have lost.

    We started the game really well but we began to get sucked in more and more to the pace of the game that they wanted to play. We weren’t clinical or sharp enough in the final third and Leverkusen work really hard in defence; we have to get better in these situations. We still need too many chances to score goals.”

Willi Orbán:

  • “Leverkusen were the more efficient side. If you look at the stats we were the dominant team, but we weren’t clinical in attack and with the final pass. We brought a quick player who can make dep runs in behind on at the break in Chsristo and things got better, but we didn’t manage to score the goal.

    We have the right mentality and enough quality to qualify for the Champions League, we just have to make sure of that in our games. There are still 15 points up for grabs and we want them all.”

Benjamin Henrichs:

  • “We weren’t decisive enough in the important duels. We could have made more chances and we should have taken the ones that we did create. We didn’t play badly and the stats were in our favour.

    However, that doesn’t mean anything at the end of the day when we’ve lost to a direct rival. It’s a setback for us.”

“It’s a setback for us”

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