TSG show their commitment to the region


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Together for the region: that was the motto that TSG Hoffenheim used to send a strong sign of their affiliation with their home region during their home match against SC Freiburg. During the Bundesliga games in the PreZero Arena in the 2023/24 season, the municipal coats of arms from the region will be repeatedly displayed on the LED hoardings around the pitch.

To mark the teams’ arrival on the pitch, during the match against Freiburg and before and after the final whistle, the coats of arms of communities from the region were emblazoned on the LED advertising hoardings more than two dozen times with the slogan: “Together for the region””

“We are part of this region – a village club that is committed to its roots and proud of its home,” said managing director Denni Strich. “We are very pleased that so many cities and communities share this sense of community with us. It’s just true: “Together we are Hoffenheim.”  

An acknowledgement that was also received with great joy by those responsible in the communities: “I was inside the stadium myself and was very pleased about the campaign. It proves that the region is showing its ties to TSG, which is what makes us special,” said Joachim Locher, mayor of the municipality of Waibstadt, in one of many positive statements about the campaign.

Ten years ago, TSG Hoffenheim had given several municipalities from the region the opportunity to present their flag under the roof of the arena under the motto “Showing our flags together”. In order not to pose a safety risk in the event of strong gusts of wind, TSG recently had to change the way they showed their colours, but to ensure that the coats of arms were still present at the stadium, the club have now decided on an innovative solution – using the LED hoardings around the pitch.

TSG show their commitment to the region

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