Kramarić: “We’re very happy but not very satisfied”


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Andrej Kramarić: “It was obviously not a good performance from us, we were not the better team until the closing stages. The goal we pulled back then changed everything. The lads that came on also made a difference and contributed good energy. We’re very happy as a team, but the mood after a game like that is difficult to describe because we didn’t play a good game. But it was an important victory and I’m happy to have scored my first goal of the season. The emotions came out afterwards, especially after the confusion surrounding the first attempt. But we will talk about the match internally because we want to improve. We’re very happy, but not very satisfied.”

Oliver Baumann: “It was brutally difficult at times and we didn’t play the way we wanted to. You could sense great joy from Heidenheim about their first Bundesliga home game. But we managed the turnaround and then played much better football. We wanted to turn the game around, you could see that. A huge compliment to everyone that came on. They injected momentum and upped the level further. I’m very proud of the lads, we need to hold onto this feeling and this attitude. A final phase like that brings you very close together. You can see that every individual is important. That was a perfect example of a super mentality. We embraced the fight but also gave too much away, we have to be honest about that. We were a bit lucky in spells. But I’m happy we turned it around. I wouldn’t say that it was a deserved victory. But a defeat would have also been undeserved given the second half.”

Maximilian Beier: “I tried to give my best. A 2-0 deficit is not the optimal scoreline to come on to. But the team set me up nicely, especially Tom with his super cross. It then worked out well and I’m very happy. We managed it together. I felt contact prior to the penalty and thought to myself it would be a penalty. I’ll certainly have to buy the team a round after the game and my first Bundesliga goal.” (laughs)

Pellegrino Matarazzo: “We needed a very long time to start performing. We completely forgot our attacking football in the first period. We had no control and no dominance in our play. Heidenheim made sure that we only found few spaces and often had to rely on long balls. We had a different energy on the pitch thanks to the substitutions and we turned the game around as a result.”

Frank Schmidt (1. FC Heidenheim coach): “The team did what we wanted to do and what we’re capable of doing right from the beginning. We also kept going after missing the penalty and absolutely deserved to make it 1-0. We had the game under control in the first half. We basically gave nothing away at all and deservedly made it 2-0. We did not take a huge chance on the counter after that and we then had problems once they pulled a goal back. Then it was a different match. We unfortunately conceded the equaliser too quickly and then gave away a penalty. I wouldn’t have been satisfied with a draw today; we should’ve won the game. It was a really good game from us, hence why disappointment prevails right now.”

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Kramarić: “We’re very happy but not very satisfied”

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