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Fan information for the match in Freiburg


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Travel and parking


The stadium is very well connected via the local public transport system and is easily accessible by bus, tram and S-Bahn. Travel by public transport is free of charge for ticket holders.


Buses can park at the bus park for away fans located near the entrance “Gäste – E4”. Access is via Granadaallee, please follow the signs for P1-P4. The parking fee is 20.

Cars and 9-seaters:

If travelling to the stadium by car or by minibus, we refer you to the Park+Ride facilities (e.g. Rathaus im Stühlinger, TRS Space…) or the parking spaces on the neighbouring Messe grounds. Starting from two hours before kick-off, parking on the Messe grounds costs €10. Fans who leave their cars there earlier will pay only €4.

Further information

The following items will be permitted in the away sector for the game in Freiburg:

  • Small flags with a pole length of up to 2m and a hollow plastic tube
  • Swivel flags with with telescopic poles up to 2m in length
  • Double-holders with a pole length of up to 2m and a hollow plastic tube
  • Fence flags

Stadium opening and ticket office:

The stadium will open two hours (13:30 CET) before the match.

A ticket office will be open on site for the more spontaneous spectators.

Admission and blocks:

Entrance “Gäste – E4”

Standing places in Block N6/N7 and seats in Block N16 will be available.


Food and drinks can be paid for via cash and card (EC and credit card) at the respective sales points.

Non-alcoholic beverages may only be brought in TetraPaks with a maximum capacity of 0.5 litres.

Alcohol limit:

There is a blood alcohol limit of 1.1 per mille.

Nonetheless, fans who behave conspicuously and abusively due to increased alcohol consumption, for example, may be refused entry.

Smoking ban:

There is a smoking ban in the seated area; smoking is tolerated in the standing block.

It is permitted to smoke in the stadium concourse by the kiosks.

Bags and rucksacks:

Bumbags and bags up to DIN A3 in size may be brought into the stadium with you, but this slows down the inspections of people and bags significantly.

There are only limited storage facilities for bags and rucksacks by the away entrance (fee of €2, payment only in cash).

Cameras and video cameras:

It is permitted to bring smaller cameras (e.g. digicams with a lense of up to 100mm) to take images or recordings from the block for private use.

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Fan information for the match in Freiburg

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