Baumann: “I have no explanation for it”


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Oliver Baumann: “For inexplicable reasons, we didn’t turn up for the entire match. We talk the whole week, speak about everything – and then we approach the challenges like that. It’s not sufficient, it’s too little. When I see how our opponents fight for the ball – at our end, there’s a square pass and the ball goes in. We communicate a lot in our preparation for the games, we look at situations, but we simply produce too little. We spoke about everything during the training camp and worked on all the issues – and suddenly all of that is completely gone. We can’t show it on the pitch. We’re responsible; it’s down to us on the pitch. We have to improve significantly in all areas and we have to do so quickly. This negative run must finally be brought to an end. I have no explanation for our performance.”

Sebastian Rudy: “I don’t know what we’ve done here. We’re giving goals away, we’re losing challenges and we’re messing up games for ourselves in the process. It’s very clear it’s not down to the tactics, but rather the commitment that we need to show on the pitch in every minute of the match. I felt we were really lacking that today. When you see the way we started the season, one must clearly acknowledge that it’s down to us; there’s nothing the coach can do about it.”

Alexander Rosen: “The questions about the coach need to be asked. The results do not give any of us any ground to stand on anymore, I explicitly say “any of us” there. We will of course speak with all the people involved. We were also in fourth place last season. But twice in 12 months we’ve gone through a spell where we’ve fallen apart like this. Perhaps we have to question everything. The way we concede goals does not bear speaking about. No player is close to the goalscorer; it’s not a question of tactical orientation, it’s the attitude. The opposition made it clear to us throughout how such situations are to be defended with fight, passion and solidarity.”

André Breitenreiter: “The victory for Bochum was more than deserved today. In the first half, we had 11 total no-shows against a team with heart and passion. VfL completely took the fight to us. We were inferior in all challenges. It could have been even higher at the break. It got slightly better in the second half, but we made mistakes again that have little place in professional football. I see a high intensity in training every week but the team then cannot replicate that on the pitch. I cannot accept what I saw today. Something needs to happen, otherwise it’ll be difficult to stay up. I’m responsible for making sure that the things that we set out to do work.”

Thomas Letsch (VfL Bochum coach): “We were not really in it the first five to 10 minutes. We then finally looked lively, which we’ve recently been critical of. We then showed passion on the pitch and created ourselves one goalscoring chance after another. With that in mind, the 3-0 lead was deserved. Fortunately, we came back after conceding the goals. Overall, we played a great game.”

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Baumann: “I have no explanation for it”

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