Former Bayern Munich technical director: “Julian Nagelsmann is one of the best coaches in Europe”

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Bayern Munich rolled the dice when they signed Julian Nagelsmann to replace Hansi Flick, paying a record fee of 25 million euros. Being one of the youngest in the game, and having been signed on for an extremely large fee, Nags had a tall order to fulfill. But despite the skeptics, he’s developed into one of the best managers in the league. Michael Reschke, former technical director of Bayern, thinks the same, heaping the praise on Nagelsmann while speaking on “kicker meets DAZN” (as captured by

Over the years, Reschke has worked in multiple positions within the Bundesliga, so one can be sure he’s got plenty of experience and he knows what he’s talking about. But what exactly did he say?

Reschke also sees Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann, who he considers “one of the best coaches in Europe,” on the same path. “I’ll put my money where my mouth is,” Reschke said, emphasizing in the same breath, “It’s absolutely clear to me that Nagelsmann also has areas in which he should, must and will continue to develop.”

He even went as far as to compare Nags to Pep Guardiola and Jupp Heynckes, both legendary coaches of the game.

Questioning himself, developing new ideas and adapting to new circumstances are fundamental characteristics of a successful coach such as Pep Guardiola. “One of his credos is that you always want to develop. That’s a driving force in his sporting life,” said Reschke, referring to the Catalan, pointing out that it’s been “no different with other top coaches. Even Heynckes has always questioned himself and adapted to changes or tactical circumstances.”

Someone with Reschke’s experience should know what he’s saying, so maybe he is able to appreciate certain qualities more than the average fan. Either way, it is clear to see that Nags is slowly developing in the areas he’s lacked in so far, and it’s exciting to see how far he will take Bayern in Europe.

What do you think of Reschke’s comments? Would you agree? Let us know in the comments below!

Former Bayern Munich technical director: “Julian Nagelsmann is one of the best coaches in Europe”

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