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Addressing the elephant in the room: The future of BFW

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By now, everyone has seen the news regarding Vox Media’s decision to shutter several team sites across all sports and many of the podcasts as well — including our own Bayern Munich and Germany driven podcast Bavarian Football Works.

As you might already know, BFW’s award winning podcast network was among those to receive the guillotine on Friday. You can think of us as The Wire during its prime — critically acclaimed, but always fighting for that renewal for the following season.

(Okay, maybe it’s just me who thinks that, but I’d be a damn good McNulty.)

The podcast will continue to run here until we find a new home for it (which we are actively pursuing — somehow my charm and striking good looks did not have hosting platforms just beating down the door for us, but we are pushing forward anyway).

Anyway, through all of the cuts, our site has survived (for now?). Perhaps part of the reason was because we have been the No. 1 overall soccer site at SBN over the past two months — which might not sound like it means much, but if you knew how big Barca Blaugranes (FC Barcelona), Managing Madrid (Real Madrid), and We Ain’t Got No History (Chelsea FC) were, you would know this is a massive achievement.

That said, another possible reason we are here is you. Your engagement, thoughtful commentary, activity, and support has made this site the best Bayern Munich fan site in the world. If anyone wants to dispute that, we will arm up and fight you Anchorman style (which would give me a good excuse to travel back to San Diego).

So what can you can do?

Well, if any of you are independently wealthy, sitting on a huge inheritance just waiting to make your mark, or just rich and reckless (YOLO!) — we could all jet from SBN and do this independently.

As you might know, however, that is a tough task. Imaging licensing is extremely expensive and other logistical costs such as a hosting platform, commenting platform, etc. make it tough for a site like us to go off and “do our own thing.”

So listen, if Barstool, ESPN, Defector, Fox, or some other entity want a team full of Bayern Munich, German national team, and Bundesliga content producing bad asses in their arsenal (sorry for using that term), BFW is what you need.

Until I receive that that Indecent Proposal, however, we will continue to bust our asses here for you — the people who have really built BFW into the Bayern Munich-based monster that it is today.

We don’t like what happened and we feel awful for those great writers, podcasters, and content producers from those sites that will be shutdown, along with those folks from corporate, who were also let go. To be clear, it is awful for all of them and we sympathize with their respective situations. We will, however, continue onward for you — the community members who have helped us survive and thrive in a very complex marketplace.

Addressing the elephant in the room: The future of BFW

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