Last week, children from the area around Borsigplatz once again had the chance to become bee researchers. As part of the cooperation project between VIVAWEST, Grünbau gGmbH and BVB, the youngsters were able to learn many exciting facts about the fascinating world of bees under the motto “EMMA’s World”.

Accompanied by beekeeper and bee educator Lara Mönch, the children were able to take a look at honeycombs from the beehive and hold them in their hands. The focus was on gaining new knowledge about the behaviour and social life of bees.

And it wasn’t just the real bees that made the children’s eyes light up: BVB mascot EMMA was also on hand to provide high spirits for everyone involved. In addition, Maike Vollmer, manager of the BVB foundation “leuchte auf”, presented a donation cheque for 3,200 euros to support the project financially.

 The project was originally launched two years ago. More information can be accessed here.

Photos: Grünbau Dortmund