Advance sale for the game in Hoffenheim to start on Thursday


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The advance sale for the Bundesliga away match against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim (Fr. 29/09 at 20:30 CET) will start at 12:00 CET on Thursday 31/08. Club members can purchase up to two tickets via the BVB Ticket Shop.

All buyers shall receive printed paper tickets by registered mail.

Important information on advance sales via the Online Ticket Shop:

As the demand for tickets continues to be very high, a new information page has been set up in the Ticket Shop before the start of each advance sale this season (from 11:45 CET) which counts down the remaining 15 minutes until the advance sale. The purpose of the information page is to protect the Ticket Shop from too many hits. The time at which the Ticket Shop is accessed (before 12:00 CET) does not make a difference when it comes to the allocation of tickets!

Only when the advance sale begins (at 12:00 CET) will a fixed number of people be allowed into the Ticket Shop at random. All fans who cannot enter the shop immediately will then be placed in a waiting room, which will transparently display the time until it is the respective person’s turn. The position in the waiting room will also be randomly allocated so that all fans have an equal chance. Due to the high demand, it may unfortunately be the case that all tickets are sold out before you enter the Ticket Shop.

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Advance sale for the game in Hoffenheim to start on Thursday

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