Weigl: “This club has lots of potential”


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Weigl: “This club has lots of potential”

We caught up with Julian Weigl to discuss his permanent move from Benfica to Gladbach, his desire to play a leading role and what the future holds.

Julian, you’ll be staying at Borussia beyond the summer. How do you feel after just signing your contract?

Julian Weigl: I’m happy that we were able to come to an agreement and that my family and I have some clarity for the next few years. I feel great right now and I am full of anticipation for what lies ahead. I’ve loved it here from the very beginning and I believe this club has lots of potential.

What ultimately swayed you to make the decision?

Weigl: The structures needed to be successful are in place. While there have been some difficult moments on the pitch this season, I have never doubted the bigger picture. I have a real desire to push forwards and do my part in contributing to a positive development. The fans and the club deserve that.

Instead of continuing to play abroad, you’ll be staying in the Bundesliga…

Weigl: I was able to gain lots of experience abroad and I am really grateful for that. Nevertheless, I wanted to continue playing in the Bundesliga. I wanted to join a cool, vibrant club that is full of tradition and history. Borussia has all of those things.

So it wasn’t the most difficult decision for you?

Weigl: Even last year, it was an easy decision for me to move here. I also already said early on that I could imagine staying here for longer. I am very happy that everything worked out this way.

In the summer there is going to be a large rebuild at Borussia. How much do you want to be here as a leading player for that?

Weigl: Taking on the role of a leading player is something that I want to do in any case. I am 27 years old now and have been able to gain a lot of experience. I know what it is like to be new at a club and arrive for the first time, so even in the past I have always been someone that has an eye on the new players and tries to help them.

Weigl: “This club has lots of potential”

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